Quick info about me:

Name: Esa Seuranen
CV: Finnish, English
Phone: +358 40-721 7727
Email: mailesaseuranen.fi
Status: Software developer at Polycon since 2010, husband and father of three
2000-2002 : Student, Helsinki University of Technology, TKK
2002-2003 : Student, Indiana State University, ISU
2003-2005 : Student, Helsinki University of Technology, TKK
: Post-graduate student, Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and
Aalto University (Aalto)
Hobbies: I used to play quite a lot is an ancient board game called GO, but nowadays I pass my free time by playing and designing board games. Reading fantasy or science fiction is quite relaxing too, as well as trying to perform FATALITY to my thumbs with PS4...
Organizations: Lautapeliseura


Other "publications"

I have also conducted a questionnaire study with go players relating to their ability to predict moves in professionaly games at the European Go Congress 2007. The questionnaire, the corresponding professional games and some summary over the results can be found from here.

Boardgame Designs

I've been designing some boardgames during recent years. The designs I'm comfortable with can be found from here.


A game I made when I was in high school... it works on Win32 platforms.It has also AI, so feel free to beat this classical get-five-in-a-row game and feel good about yourself ;)
Download Jack's Chess

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